How long does a tune take?

Our rotation times vary through the season depending on volumes, but we have an average turnaround time of about one week. Unfortunately, due to the nature of our equipment, we are unable to do tunes on the spot.

Will you tune ski blades and cross country skis?

Yes. Along with skis and snowboards we also take care of other winter-sport-related gear such as ski blades and cross country skis.

What does a tune include?

There are 3 levels of tunes available: A basic tune includes a base grind, edge sharpen and buff wax for $39.99. A full tune includes base grind, edge sharpen, buff wax, and minor p-tex repair for $49.99. A Pro tune includes a stone grind, edge sharpen and hand wax along with minor p-tex repair for $59.99.


How much does season lease equipment cost?

A used package is $99.99 and a new package is $159.99.

Do you have seasonal rentals for adults?

No, we only carry seasonal rentals for kids. However, we have a daily rental program for adults.

How much does your adult daily rental program cost?

A one-day rental for adult skis costs $29.99 and $10 for each additional consecutive day. We also include a day of travel on either end of your rental. For example, if you pick up your skis on Friday and return them on Sunday this will only cost the one-day rental rate of $29.99.

What does your adult daily rental package include?

Our adult daily rental package includes Volkl RTM skis, Nordica Cruise Boots, and Swix poles.

What does the season lease package include?

Our season leases include skis, boots and poles to get your little ripper on the mountain.

What age group are the season lease packages for?

The best age group for our season lease packages are those between 3 and 12. We do not recommend season lease equipment for children over the age of 12 as the foam core skis are not designed to handle more aggressive skiing.

Our smallest skis are 70cm and our smallest boots are a 15.5. This roughly correlates to a child who is 36 inches tall with a kids size 8 shoe.

Our largest skis are 150cm and our largest boots are a 26.5 which roughly correlates to a child who is 5 feet 2 inches with a size 8 women’s or a size 9 men’s shoe.

What happens if my child grows during the season?

We understand that you can’t stop feeding your child just to prevent inevitable growth spurts. If your child outgrows their boots, or if they are uncomfortable for any reason, bring your equipment back to us and we will trade it out for you.*

*NOTE: You must bring in the skis with the boots so that the bindings can be adjusted to the new boots.

What is the difference between a used and new season lease package?

Our new season lease packages cost $159.99 and include skis boots and poles that have never been used before. Ideal for the more advanced skier, enjoy the fresh powder with a set of fresh skis. Our used season lease packages cost $99.99 and are tuned every year to give you the best quality in used equipment at a great price.

When do we have to return the equipment?

You can keep the season lease equipment until May 1st.

What brands of skis do you carry for the season lease package?

We have an assortment of Salomon, Rossignol, Nordica, Elan, and K2 skis as well as Dalbello, Nordica, and Lange boots.


What brands of boots do you carry?

We carry Nordica, Lange, Dalbello, and Salomon boots.

What types of boot work do you do?

We punch out shells, grind, expand toe boxes, and insert pads to make your boot have the best possible fit. We also do repairs on buckles and boot soles that may get worn down over time.

What is the best boot model that you carry?

All of the boots we carry are of high quality, but each boot has a different fit and stiffness that will suit each individual differently. We carefully examine the shape of your foot, your arch, and your calf as well as inquire into your preferred skiing style to choose the boot that is best for you. The boots that your friend raves about being the most comfortable things they have ever put on their feet might not be the pair that suits your needs. We strongly discourage ever trying to purchase a pair of boots online. Our boot fitters are trained to choose the best boot and make sure that you will be skiing with comfort and confidence.

What if I don’t like my boots after skiing on them?

We recommend a three day break in period for new boots. If there is any discomfort after this time, we will do work on the boots to adjust them accordingly. If your boots still do not work for you after this, we have a Boot Fit Guarantee and will credit your boots towards another pair within the first year of use.


Demoing Skis

What other services do you offer for skis?

We mount bindings to skis. If you purchased the equipment with us the cost is $30 but we are also more than happy to mount equipment that you may have purchased elsewhere for a total cost of $50.

We also adjust bindings to your new boots and ensure that they are safe and ready to go.

We also mount bindings to snowboards and will adjust your stance.

Do you have a DEMO program?

Yes. We have a selection of current model skis to demo before choosing which ones to purchase. The cost is $45 for the first day and $15 for each additional consecutive day and we also include a day of travel on either end of your rental.

When you demo a pair of skis with us, we will apply $45 to the purchase of any new ski on our wall!

What skis are included in your demo program?

This season we will offer the Salomon QST 92, the Salomon QST 99, the Nordica Enforcer 93, the Nordica Enforcer 100, the Nordica Navigator 85, the Blizzard Brahma and the Armada Invictus 95 as part of our men’s demo program.

Our women’s program includes the Salomon Lux 92, the Nordica Santa Ana 93, the Nordica Astral 84 and the Blizzard Black Pearl.


What is your return policy?

We have a 30 day return policy. Items must be unused with tags still attached.

Do you have used soft goods?

No, we only sell used skis, snowboards and boots. We do not carry used poles, clothes, ski bags or any other equipment.

Do you buy skis?

Yes. We take in used skis, snowboards, and boots in exchange for store credit. Simply bring in your equipment for evaluation. We will assess and suggest a price for you to list it at. If it sells, you’ll receive 70% of the sale price in store credit to be used at any time towards a future purchase. For your shopping convenience, we may offer instant credit on the spot to make things easier for you.